My segway into Domination was gradual. While a student at NYU, I took whatever modeling gigs I could. A lot of them were nude, softly erotic, and, at times, fetish-oriented. Eventually I began working with local Dommes doing video work for their websites, clip stores, etc. It all came very naturally to me, so I made a trip to San Francisco to work for Kink, and a trip to LA to do a mainstream adult film. A couple of months later, I had moved to the west coast, and was learning about S+M on the world's leading S+M film sets, such as Dungeon Corp, Hard Tied, Kink, and many obscure companies as well. It didn't take me long to become highly knowledgable about the field, (and to realize that being a bottom did not suit me, being in control did) so the logical next step was to make myself available as a Domme.

I've been doing this for several years now, taking clients and forming lifelong bonds in SF, LA, New York, and Boston. While I've become a highly capable fantasy maker, I'm constantly learning more, and continuing to hone my abilities. I see experienced painsluts, curious beginners, and everyone in between. I have a list of specialties too long to recite, which is always getting longer.

While I have no personal opposition to the World's Oldest Profession, what I do is different. The emphasis in my sessions is on S+M and other fetish activities: things most escorts don't provide, and that most people lack the open-mindedness to understand.

If you are interested in serving Me, you may reach out via my Contact page. Provide a brief introduction of yourself, and a description of your interests, curiosities, and limitations.

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